2019-2020 Staff

Rian Fantozzi

Editor in Chief

Rian Fantozzi has dove out of a moving taxi cab. (Glenshaw, PA)

Emery Malachowski

Editor-in-Chief, Kvasir Desk Editor

It is scientifically impossible for Emery to die. (Lowell, MA)

Akiva Hort

Juniatian Artistic Director

Akiva Hort is has fought psychologically with penguins. (Fort Lee, New Jersey)

Kiera Lindner

Staff Writer


Jill Palmer

Desk Editor of Print Layout

Jill Palmer likes creative writing and wants to write a book someday. Desk Editor of Print Layout, 2018-2020 Alexandria, PA

Alexander Drucker

Resident Common Man and Copy-Editing Editor

William Faulkner is his homeboy. (Bloomburg, Pennsylvania)

The SkyRat Staff