2018-2019 Staff

Rian Fantozzi

Editor in Chief

Rian Fantozzi has dove out of a moving taxi cab. (Glenshaw, PA)

Emery Malachowski

Editor-in-Chief, Kvasir Desk Editor

It is scientifically impossible for Emery to die. (Lowell, MA)

Akiva Hort

Juniatian Artistic Director

Akiva Hort is has fought psychologically with penguins. (Fort Lee, New Jersey)

Kiera Lindner

Staff Writer


Daniel O’Malley

Staff Writer

Daniel O'Malley is a Staff Writer for the Juniatian.

Piper Blue McGonigle

Staff Writer

Piper has a 20 lb. tortoise named Walter who lives in her house. (Boulder, Colorado)

Bella Medaris

Staff Writer

Bella has climbed Mt. Snowdon in Wales.

Kayla Parson

Staff Writer

Kayla has a floral dress for every day of the week. (Fort Loudon, Pennsylvania)

Syd Shearer

Web Designer

Syd Shearer (Indiana, Pennsylvania) is the Web Designer for the Juniatian. Fun fact about Syd: She has almost 100 digits of pi memorized.

Sophie Bell

Photography and Moral Support

Sophie Bell (Lewisburg, Pennsylvania) does Photography and provides Moral Support for the Juniatian. Fun fact about Sophie: She really enjoys grating cheese.

Claire Alfree

Logo Designer

Claire Alfree (Mercersburg, Pennsylvania) is the Logo Designer for the Juniatian. She can eat an entire container of ice cream in one sitting.

Borb Hankes

Dean of Conquest

Borb is ordained in three religions, the founders of which have no relations. (Carlisle, Pennsylvania)

Jill Palmer

Desk Editor of Print Layout

Jill Palmer likes creative writing and wants to write a book someday. Desk Editor of Print Layout, 2018-2020 Alexandria, PA

Alexander Drucker

Resident Common Man and Copy-Editing Editor

William Faulkner is his homeboy. (Bloomburg, Pennsylvania)

Perry Willig

Writer and Artist

Perry loves going to museums. (Redwood City, California)

The SkyRat Staff