End of the Year

Dear Juniata Community,
We made it. After all of the stresses of the year we have arrived at this final issue of the Juniatian. It took us a long time to get the first issue out. We had to struggle in order to answer questions like, “How do you even get a newspaper printed?” We’ve struggled with writer retention and having content out within reasonable time frames. But, we have learned a lot and we will be taking the skills that we have learned into the next semester in ways I never expected.
We have reported on controversy on campus in ways that have started to earn your trust. I sincerely hope that we can continue to gain your trust as we look forward into next semester. For the Truth! is still the battlecry of the Juniatian, just as it was in that first issue. We will bring you more coverage of Student Government and continue to reflect on our campus community within Huntingdon. We will also venture into new topics, taking deep looks into the situation within our administration and beginning election coverage for the 2020 election.
I want to take a moment to personally thank all of those who have contributed their opinions to the Juniatian in the form of op-eds and all artists who have submitted to Kvasir. On a personal note, when I came to Juniata, I was a Physics major. I have changed my major four times in my three years here. Not once, during my freshman year did I ever expect my path to carry me to where I am today. I have grown and changed since first taking the editor’s desk at the beginning of the year.
For The Truth!
Rian Fantozzi
Dear Readers,
A careful, anxious light is peeking out now, through the deep smog of exhaustion.
The Juniatian has become so entrenched in my life, my work, and my mind that it is difficult to imagine going a week without it. My greatest gratitudes now are those who have shared the long, usually sleepless nights by my side; the writers, artists and our ever-dedicated editors who drink endless cups of tea with me and watch the rest of campus go to sleep as we craft our lives out of paper and ink in the labyrinths of Good 107.
This year, the newspaper rose up reborn, zombie-like, horrifying in its challenge, its skin green and its eyes shut. Now, I hope you can see some of the beauty I can; the Juniatian has grown from an eight page newspaper that came out once a semester to a sixteen page newspaper that has come out three times in the past month. The Kvasir, the Juniatian’s literary publication, has grown itself, both in poets and ingenuity. Our team of journalists was lonely, and now is lovely; I would say join us, but I don’t want to sound too desperate. I think you get the idea.
My favorite part of the Juniatian to witness this year was the birth of greater bravery. While at first these journalists hid their faces, bashful in the glare of challenge and scrutiny, by the end of the semester I cannot think of a single one that have not had their moment of glory, their hard work and courage leading them onwards. When they were afraid of how their peers would react, they persisted. When they thought they were unworthy, they kept trying. Though our eyes are bleary, we keep emerging from the soil.
For the Brave.
Emery Malachowski
Managing Editor