An Interview with Baker Bullshit

Emery Malachowski, Editor in Chief

Bakerbullshit is an Instagram account with 250 followers and the description “Hi are you vegan, vegetarian, or just sick of the food at Baker? DM me pictures of your terrible food. #juniatacollege #parkhurstdining #bakerbullshit.” This Instagram regularly posts pictures of food from Baker Refectory that they are unsatisfied with. I interviewed the owner of the Instagram, who asked to stay confidential, adding that some people on campus know who they are, but that they don’t want anyone to think they created this account in order to gain popularity.

They explained that Bakerbullshit originated from a day when their vegan friend was so frustrated over the lack of options for food they could eat at Baker that they started crying. Their main concern is the mislabeling of foods and the low options for vegans and vegetarians, adding that they eat a quesadilla for lunch and a salad for dinner every day. Other issues that they post about often are undercooked chicken, moldy food, and foods being significantly under or overcooked.

They don’t believe Parkhurst is very good at listening to input, and hoped to use this Instagram as a public way to get attention to this issue. “Students who go to Parkhurst’s meetings don’t really feel listened to,” says Bakerbullshit, “and Parkhurst often gets defensive when critiques are brought to them.” They want Parkhurst to incorporate more student involvement, including making their meetings with students regular and well publicized, make their ingredients public to students who want to ask about any dish, and improve the affordability of the meal plan. “I don’t have a lot of money,” they said, “and when I saw how much the meal plan was I thought I was going to be getting really good food.”

Bakerbullshit’s account owner adds that Parkhurst reached out to them once, but the interaction did not go as they had hoped. They sent screenshots to this reporter of Parkhurst’s official instagram contacting them, explaining that Parkhurst was concerned and wanted to talk one-on-one about their experiences so that they could address them. Parkhurst asked for their phone number or email, and Bakerbullshit gave them their school email. They never heard from Parkhurst again, and two or three days later, they were called into the dean’s office. Dean Damschroder spoke to them, and was “very nice,” simply asking them why they made the instagram account, and did not ask them to take it down.

Bakerbullshit said they’ve received almost entirely positive responses, except for one negative response, which they said they posted on the Instagram because it made them feel “bitter.” The posted screenshot, which removed the name of the person who messaged them, starts “Are you that pathetic that you have to create a whole page dedicated to bitching??” They said that most people comment or message them either agreeing with their purpose or that find their posts funny. They say that they sometimes get pictures people want them to post that include Parkhurst staff, but that they never post pictures with staff in them.