Government Votes

Emery Malachowski, Managing Editor

There have been several key changes in the New Constitution, previously reported on by Piper Blue McGonigle. The student body vote has been postponed indefinitely, and a new vote will be held on whether the student body supports student government reform in general, and not the actual New Constitution. A vote was attempted to pass the New Constitution via amendment to the current Constitution at the Student Government meeting on April 29th. It failed to meet the 2/3rds vote required, but a majority of senators did vote yes on the amendment. The student body vote for the New Constitution was rescheduled from April 27th to May 2nd before it was canceled.

The primary author of the document, Rian Fantozzi, left the active campaign and rescinded his support for the New Constitution before any of the revisions of the vote occurred. He said that he felt “as if the process had been too invaded by Student Government. The New Constitution is for the Student Body, and the current Student Government is far too concerned with preserving their own jobs than providing a good service for the Student Body. Since they were demanding changes that I view with being irreconcilable with the vision of the New Constitution, I left to prevent my work from being used.”