Student Government 1/28

Emery Malachowski, Managing Editor (Juniatian), Desk Editor (Kvasir Literary Magazine)

At the Student Government meeting on January 28th, the Senate focused mainly on issues of administrative efficiency.

Notably, President Ambrose Lutwyche presented a slide on “being nice,” reminding Senators that if they were uncivil he would have to remove them from the room. This is likely referring to situations in past Senate meetings (covered by the Juniatian) where behavior became chaotic and sometimes personal.

President Lutwyche also presented a motion to add a faculty representative to Student Government, who would be the link between students and faculty and would help represent their interests and speak from a faculty point of view. Neal Utterback was chosen from and by faculty for this position. Lutwyche said that he believed students and faculty often share concerns and interests, and that having a faculty representative at Student Government meetings will reflect and aid in this. A vote was held, and it passed unanimously 28-0.

Projects Committee announced at this meeting that they had completed their project to get a printer for Sherwood. They said that a third of the money used to buy printers was from the Dean of Students, and that the rest was from the Projects fund. A member of Senior Class went on the record to say that they believed that the printer now in Sherwood was the one formerly in Nathan, and that Nathan got a “rinky-dink” one. At this time the Juniatian can not substantiate this claim.

Vidal Glassman, Chair of Policy Committee, made a motion to change the frequency of Senate meetings from every two weeks to every week. He stated that meetings every other week stunt productivity, and that weekly, shorter meetings would allow for more things to get done and for presentations to Senate to not overwhelm other business, and that weekly meetings are normative for student governments.

SAUR (Student Alliance for Universal Respect) Chair, Pixie Estrada, voiced annoyance and concern that meetings at the same time every week would cut into SAUR meeting times, which are at the same time on alternating weeks with Senate meetings. Karan Nair, Junior Class Representative, questioned the validity of SAUR’s complaints, citing that there were many more Senate members than SAUR members, and thus would affect more people positively if weekly meetings were on the convenient Monday nights that many Senate members had already blocked out, rather than accommodating SAUR’s current scheduled meeting times. Estrada became frustrated, stating (as she has in past issues involving SAUR) the disrespect of Student Government towards her and her group.

After continued back and forth discussion, the scheduling decisions were tabled, and a vote was called for weekly meetings. It passed 18-8-1, and Policy Committee invited people to come talk about solutions for scheduling at their next meeting.