Rumor Followup

Rian Fantozzi, Editor in Chief

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Earlier this semester, the Juniatian received a tip from a student regarding the renovations being made to Baker Refectory. There has been a lot of noise surrounding the change in food providers for our College. It is important to be able to separate what is news from what is merely rumor. The Juniatian followed up with the tip in a hope to quash mere rumors and confirm what is real news.

The student offering the information stated that they had heard that the new stairs and renovations came at the cost of half of the facilities staff. So, this reporter reached out to the Director of Human Resources here at Juniata, Gail Ulrich, to find answers. Ms. Ulrich was asked questions via a list sent by email and responded with short prepared statements.

When questioned about the number of persons employed by the College before and after the renovations in Baker Refectory, Ms. Ulrich stated that there has been no change because of the renovations. Further elaborating, Ms. Ulrich pointed out that there have been no changes in the number of persons employed, in facilities or otherwise, since the renovations in Baker Refectory.

One of the claims made by the original student was that the reasoning for the supposed change in workforce was to pay for the renovations. When asked if it would be possible for this kind of action to take place, Ms. Ulrich responded that the budget for Juniata College is not structured in such a way that would allow for this to occur.

These statements were confirmed by the Director of Facilities Services, Tristan delGiudice. Mr. delGiudice mentioned, “When vacancies within Facilities are created by staff departures, there is an approval process that all departments must follow to fill such vacancies – we are just beginning that approval process for a recent departure.”

Finally, this reporter confirmed whether there could be any changes to the size of the facilities workforce as a result of budget changes. “The College administration is mindful of being fiscally responsible and maintaining a balanced budget.  While there are no current plans to change the size of the facilities workforce, all areas of the College are subject to review,” Ms. Ulrich stated in her written response.

Here at the Juniatian, we hope to be able to continue to provide accurate and precise reporting on all aspects of life here at Juniata College. If you have a tip that you would like us to follow up with, please send us an email at