Covering our Community’s Complexities: Huntingdon

Emery Malachowski, Managing Editor (Juniatian) and Desk Editor (Kvasir Literary Magazine)

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The main talking point when I discuss my college choice with friends from my home in Lowell in the liberal bastion of Massachusetts, is Huntingdon. I specifically chose to live in Huntingdon over any other college town. Partially because of what is to me is a gorgeous natural landscape, but primarily because it is so different from what I am used to. I wanted to give myself nowhere to back away from the reality of the new environment, and nowhere familiar to hide from it.

This issue’s two interviews begin the comprehensive coverage of our town’s community and culture. It begins a more comprehensive coverage of Huntingdon Borough through interviews, one done by the hardworking staff writer Piper Blue McGonigle, who has been putting the work in to start understanding more deeply the town we are spending these four years in. The other interviews are with Bob Reitman who works within the business sector and Lily Formosa, a Juniata College student who has worked extensively within Huntingdon.

Through these ongoing interviews and small investigations, we at the Juniatian hope to gain a better understanding of Huntingdon, one unobscured by either stereotypes or marketing. We recognize that each individual has their own bias, which is one of the reasons we’ve chosen the sheer volume of interviews—we have planned to interview small business owners, veterans, teachers, politicians, leaders of the faith community, diverse populations, and many random citizens of Huntingdon. I do not intend to portray a romanticized version of Huntingdon or gloss over its flaws. I want to understand and share whatever we can find with you.