Survivors Speak

Jill Palmer, Desk Editor of Layout, Desk Co-Editor of Copyediting

On Friday, November 2nd, from 7-8 p.m in Ellis Ballroom, students were invited  to participate in an Open Mic Night as part of the “It’s On Us” program. Students came together to share stories, provide commentary, and offer responses to how the justice system treats victims of sexual assault. Some speakers also chose to express their thoughts and feelings through poetry. The event was put on by It’s On Us in conjunction with the Poetry Club with the intention of raising awareness of sexual assault.

The night began with some light refreshments and conversation before people were invited to speak at the mic. “The atmosphere before the open mic night was very light and open,” said sophomore Emily Batdorf. “As people began to share, the room became more somber; however, there was a sense of unity and support in the audience.” Batdorf also spoke at the mic, sharing her own story as well as a message of healing and unity to the audience.

Events like the Open Mic Night are put on because they encourage people to start talking about sexual assault. “Sexual assault isn’t going away,” said Echo Thorpe, a freshman who also spoke at the event. “We can wish it will and fight it, but something like it will always be here. The least we can do is keep it from hiding, expose all its ugliness, show that it will be acknowledged and scorned.”


*There has been a correction to this article since it was printed in Edition 1, Issue 2. The initial spelling error of “Asexual assault” has been revised to the intended phrase “sexual assault.”