Student Government President Resigns

Emery Malachowski, Managing Editor

As of October 29th, the Juniatian interviewed Harpreet Chamdal immediately after the Senate meeting in which she stepped down from the role of President. Ambrose Lutwyche is, with a brief, unceremonial speech, stepping into her shoes. The new Vice President, and the third this year, has yet to be recruited or appointed.

Harpreet cited taking care of her mental health as the reason that she is resigning from her role in Student Government. She says that she and Ambrose may have different leadership styles (she describes herself as an extrovert), but that they have parallel values. She hopes that Student Government will remember to keep its eye on its goal: to lend a voice to students and allow them to enact real changes.

Harpreet also voiced frustration with the way she and her work were viewed by other students.

During her time as President she was required, she said, to remain neutral and to keep her own opinions hidden. Now, Harpreet is able to voice her own opinions- she hates Parkhurst, its meal plan, and its dining services. She is frustrated by the unrecognition she received for her work, which she specifies as working tirelessly “meeting with Damschroder every day” in order to fight against the Blue meal plan that angered much of the student body. She considers herself instrumental in the creation of the Gold meal plan, even though she believes that generally people give  Ambrose Lutwyche the credit for that action.

The Juniatian will be reaching out to Lutwyche for comment, and will be following the process of his ascension to Presidency as well as the appointment of a new Vice President.

Ambrose Lutwyche’s Vice Presidency was short and untraditional. When the previous Vice President, Taylor Smallwood, stepped down from office during this summer, he was appointed by the  Executive Committee and approved by the Senate in an unstandard vote because the first one did not meet quorum.

Lutwyche as President will have to handle the continuous backlash and concerns voiced by the student population concerning Parkhurst Dining, the financial state of Juniata College, and the  future vision and goals of Student Government.

This is shaping up to be a turbulent year for Executive Committee with various internal disputes and resignations. Vidal Glassman, Chair of Policy Committee, says “I am upset by the situation and I wish that the group could have worked better. I am hopeful that Ambrose will be able to do a good job.”