Weekly News 02.12.19-06.12.19

04.12.19 – This is Yoda. She is an 8-year-old heeler mix currently living in Juniata’s South dorm as Zachary LaBoy’s emotional support dog. “When I have anxiety attacks I use her as a grounding mechanism,” says LaBoy. “She’s pretty lax and she lets me do this, but on her own she is really perceptive of my anxiety. If I don’t grab her she usually comes and paws at me to get my attention, and then she’ll lay on me and try to cuddle with me.”Prior to coming to Juniata, she lived at the PSPCA (Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) after she was found wandering after losing her previous home and family in a hurricane. At the PSPCA, she was given the name “Yoda” due to her large ears. She also goes by Yoda-Pants and Tiny Po-Tate.Yoda has become very accustomed to dorm life and hardly barks, except for when she hears a donkey or she isn’t receiving enough pets. “She’s kind of a brat for attention,” says LaBoy. Her top three favorite things are treats, rope, and Zach. She hates all donkeys and the cold. (By Jill Palmer)



05.12.19 – As a Computer Science POE (and knowing I would be one since my sophomore year of high school), I haven’t had a run-in with a laboratory of any type in many years. That said, most of my friends are some sort of “real” scientist, so I hear about labs all the time. When I was offered the chance to sit in on a make-up chemistry lab today, I absolutely took up the chance. I was ready to get my hands on a new experience I had never had in college before and learn all about it! The lab focused on turning 9-fluorenol into 9-fluornone through an oxidation reaction. This is all fancy speak for turning one chemical compound into another one that is similar, except more reactive. During this, lots of chemicals (both solid and liquid) are mixed with bleach (purchased from Weis of course), heated, and stirred, then spotted onto little papers to test if it is finished or not. This all sounds very exciting, and I agree, it was amazing to see how the liquid compound changed over time! However, in between these changes, there was a whole lot of nothing happening. I’m someone who likes to go go go with their work, which is something I get to do a lot of in computer science — Constantly running different programs and making changes to see the result almost immediately. In chemistry, there’s lots of waiting. 5 minutes in between testing strips, a couple before that to get the strip completely ready, and then waiting for the results to appear. Very precise and requires a lot of patience. Chemistry is not the field for me. (But thank you to Robert Hankes and Dr. Amber Helsel-Ickes for the opportunity to become certain about that fact!) (By Syd Shearer)



06.12.19 – The Video Production Team is currently hiring for the spring 2020 semester. The Video Production Team (VPT) is a student-run team that produces videos for on-campus clients, such as course materials for professors, promotional materials for clubs, or educational videos for departments. “We film anything from campus and athletic events to lectures and performances,” says VPT Manager Fisher Stroud. “We also offer support to students who have class video projects, who can come in during our office hours to receive hands-on help from our employees. Student members gain experience working with video production equipment as well as training in the Adobe Creative Suite. “The VPT is an excellent student employment opportunity,” says Stroud. “We all have a lot of fun as a part of the team, and it’s a great creative outlet.” (By Jill Palmer)