Tessa Senel


Olivia Mast and Hannah Dees

Coming into Juniata College, what was your biggest worry?

“My biggest worry was probably making friends, which I’m not normally worried about, but because I’m a transfer student and technically a junior living in the Freshman dorm, my biggest fear was fitting in because I’m in a weird in between.”

Why did you decide to transfer to Juniata?

I decided to transfer because I was really only there (at my old school) to get my Associate’s to pay for college in a cheaper way, and I didn’t know what I want to do. I got it (my degree) in Liberal Arts to explore, and then I knew the next step was a four-year college.

What is one motto or life moral that you would tell people?

Don’t be afraid of failure! Failure is how you grow and learn.”

Tell me about a time when you failed, but then learned something from it.

“I’ve always failed at math in life, throughout middle school and high school, and I had horrible math anxiety just because teachers would call on me even though they knew I wasn’t good at  In college I actually ended up getting more Bs, which was good because I picked good teachers. I overcame it once college was more customizable, but it was definitely a struggle throughout my life. I also chose a major that doesn’t have math which is good.

What is the thing that you like the least about Juniata?

“The thing I like the least is that… I think we’re very accepting to a certain group of people’s ideas. We’re very liberal minded here which is great, and I think that we’re very accepting and pushing to have no bias, but I think in the process of that a lot of people who have ideas that go against that political correctness get almost- I guess pushed away. I think that would be the biggest problem.”