Julia McIntosh

Hannah Dees, Staff Writer

Julia McIntosh ‘23

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

POE: Peace and Conflict Resolution, Russian, and International Studies


“I chose Juniata because I wanted a community in which I could get to know my professors on more than a first name basis. I really enjoyed the close-knit community, and the fact that you can individualize what you’re going to study. It also had everything I wanted to study.”


“It was actually hard to find colleges that offer peace and conflict studies. This is one of the few, besides Franklin and Marshall, that I enjoyed. Also the Eagles abroad scholarship for Russian, that’s a big selling point for me.”


“I would say that college is more demanding than I was expecting. I came in with a focus on just the social environment. I guess I didn’t consider the academic side of College, funny enough! But, um… yeah, so I’ve definitely gotten more assignments than I expected, a lot of writing, Thanks Professor Peters. But other than that… It’s been amazing.”


“I would say, the worst thing… The lack of diversity for classes. It was hard to find classes to fit my schedule because there only had one class in one time slot, unlike a big state school I guess.”