The Freshman Experience

Mya Decker, Staff Writer

All was great until day 1.

Listen, I’m not going to pretend that I’m the first freshman to encounter being a freshman. Don’t get me wrong, college is great, and Juniata is even better but its not easy. Let me tell you what this isn’t. One, I’m not bashing Juniata or any of its staff – they are all great and have been semi-helpful in these first few weeks. Two, I’m not throwing a pity party for myself or any of my fellow classmates…It is beautiful here, the people seem genuinely sweet, and they have everything you need in their curriculum. But Lobsterfest wasn’t at all what our tour guides glorified it to be and Mountain Day wasn’t much more than drunk college kids swimming in a dirty lake.

Anyway, last November I filled out my application, figured out my POE, picked decorations for my dorm, and was extremely excited for my first day in college. Fast forward to August 24th, I was still a giddy freshman because I was moving in and using more command strips in one day than I ever had in my whole life! I was excited to use MY Keurig – that must count for something! I got my gold card and my RA is a sweetheart. Even my Inbound group was amazing! All was great until day 1. Assignment overload. Then I realized that maybe things weren’t all unicorns and rainbows.

Being a freshman is frustrating because you are struggling to figure out classes, make new friends, understand the syllabus, live on your own, and get along with another person while everyone else seems to have it all together (and you all know they don’t.) Rome wasn’t built in a day…but hey, while you’re building, here is 14 hours of Spanish online homework! I have never been one to have mental health concerns but in the first three weeks of college I have hit some real lows in anxiety, as well as motivation… It just doesn’t feel like anyone is really there to help you when you get to that point and since everyone else puts on their shades and walks class to class with coffee in hand showing no emotion you begin to feel really alone.

In the first three weeks, it would really be helpful if instead of ice cream socials we had some one on one time with upperclassmen who could help us figure out how to prepare for college life. Maybe we could have scheduled meetings with our advisors before classes started to make sure our schedules were how we wanted them, instead of a hike to the Peace Chapel. I don’t know what would make it easier but it definitely isn’t BBQ night on the patio of T and T. I’m just praying week four goes better for this freshman!




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    • Mya enjoys writing opinion pieces, and had only been on campus for a few weeks at the time of writing this. She wrote this piece because she was a struggling freshman and these are some things she noticed during that time. However, Mya loves Juniata and everything it has to offer!
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